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Monthly topic in March 2020

    [Please note that this article is bilingual as the interviews were done in English and German.]

    In March we will address the topic of „AWARENESS“ and see how we can practice mindfulness in our private life as well as in our business and at work – be it interacting with another person or with ourselves.

    In Achtsamkeit leben

    Meditation im Business

    Yoga Nidra

    We will speak about these awareness areas in this month’s podcast interviews:

    Kris Eyschen teilt mit uns ihren Blick auf das Thema Achtsamkeit. Wir schauen uns an, was achtsam sein bedeutet, was auf körperlicher Ebene passiert und wie wir auch in Konfliktsituationen achtsam bleiben können. Am Ende nehmen wir euch mit auf eine kurze Achtsamkeitsübung. Es ist total normal, dass unsere Gedanken ständig umherschweifen und aktiv sind. Wenn wir achtsam sind, nehmen wir die Beobachterrolle ein und können die Gedanken von außen betrachten. (Interview auf Deutsch)

    Talking to Dhyanse we explore how we can use meditation as a tool to see the world from our own perspective. We also address just how important is is to stay true to our values which can be challenging at times. Especially in business we are often in a situation when we need to remember to make decisions on our own ethical, authentic and moral grounds. Dhyanse offers free weekly meditation classes and in the interview he shares his reason why he wanto to keep them free for participants.  (Interview in English)

    I am so happy to have Andrea Cristancho on the show to talk about Yoga Nidra, finding purpose in our business and changing our habits. Yoga Nidra helps us unwind from a stressful day and go back to observing how we actually feel. As entrepreneurs we handle so mny things at a time and thus need to find focus and balance. Andrea herself wants to offer free Yoga Nidra classes to Venezuelans who are currently going through a humanitarian crisis and would profit so much from it. Listen in to hear about her project. (Interview in English)

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