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Coaching is like a dance

Interview with Claire Sellers

    In this episode I am talking to Claire Sellers about important aspects of coaching, such as co-creation, accountability, goal setting and facing your inner critic. 

    In the past, Claire traveled as a digital nomad combining work and life on the road. She then moved on to a corporate job which made her feel super unhappy. On the road again, she discovered coaching, studied to become a life and leadership coach and thus re-created her life the way she wants it to be.

    In her coaching, Claire helps people to go from where they are unhappy to where they could be in life, relationships, their career, etc. The profession of a coach is an unregulated industry; basically everybody can call themselves a coach. That is why Claire decided to get proper training. The Co-Active training institute, where she studied, is the oldest coaching program in the world. Claire wanted to make sure to get the best education and be the best coach she can possibly be.

    Co-creation and accountability

    One of her core concepts of co-active („co“ is the being and and „active“ is the doing“) coaching is „We believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.“ This means, we have it all within us and we can achieve our highest self. Be aware, the coach is there to help the coachee get there; still the work is done by the coachee. Coaching can help in all kinds of life situations. Whenever you want to move forward in life, coaching helps a lot. A coach will hold you accountable for the changes you want to make and the likelihood of accomplishing your goal is easier with having the coach that will check up on you.

    Before you start working with a coach it is highly advised to make sure that there is good chemistry. For that reason, Claire does a chemistry call with potential clients. In that very first call they get to know each other and in case it does not click, she is happy to refer them to a colleague. It is all about co-creation. The very first session serves to set up a foundation between Claire and the client to then build on.

    Coaching is like a dance

    Claire sees coaching like a dance. Neither her nor the coachee knows where exactly they are going, but they do it together. 90% of the work happens in between sessions. In the initial call three clear goals are being established. It is important to choose a realistic and achievable goal that is defined precisely. Breaking big goals up into smaller goals helps to attain success on the path. Goals can be tracked by using a scale of 1-10 at the beginning of taking coaching to then see where you will get.

    Working with a coach and a therapist can be a fruitful combination. A therapist looks at where clients have been and a coach will look at where their clients want to go.  A coach will not solve problems, he is not a mentor, not an advice giver. A coach is somebody to hold space for you, he is with you on your journey and helps you to step into your highest potential. Think of the coach as being the horse-drawn carriage and the coachee being the carriage driver.

    Coaching in business

    Having positive mindset will always send you in the right direction. Shifting your perspective and you can always decide anew. Things happen, but you are the one to decide how you perceive it. Therefore, make sure to find your truest core values that purely align with yourself. Really dream big and notice what is really valuable to you. It is even better when you can go back to an experience that you really enjoyed and you felt aligned. Find words for the experience and see if you can honestly use them as the core values of your business.

    In her past, Claire wanted to only show up as the professional person without showing her vulnerability as she feared she would come across as weak.Thus, she offers coaching in companies as it is super important to have an allly. Coaching the whole person, so people bring their professional and private side to the company.  It als sends a great message when the managers decide to ihre a coach for the employees. That way the company is more likely to be successful.

    It is on you!

    From every episode we gather a little task for you listeners. Join us in making the world a better place by impelementing one little change at a time.

     Your task

    Disempower your saboteur voice: Create the character of your saboteur, the inner critic, the voice that holds you back and keeps you playing small. Personify the saboteur by giving it a name (whatever name comes up) and a visual representation. Use the archetype of your saboteur and write down the saboteur thoughts (like „You can wait until tomorrow. You are not strong. …“) To a saboteur thought say „Go away!“ And that way listen to your intuition and your higher self.

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