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Yoga Nidra

Interview with Andrea Cristancho

    In this episode I am talking to Andrea Cristancho about Yoga Nidra, finding purpose in our business and changing our habits.

    Yoga Nidra benefits

    For the first time Andrea Cristancho is speaking about these two topics on one occasion: Her work as a health coach and her contribution to Venzuelans with Yoga Nidra.

    Andrea’s personal health coaching path started two years ago, when her Baby girl was born. She had been vegetarian for 20 years, a yogi practitioner and teacher. When she fell pregnant, she had a great pregnancy, she was teaching, felt good and looked good; thus had a beautiful delivery, but received some shocking news: she couldn’t breastfeed. She developed post-partum thyroidism. She was shocked, doctors wanted to put her on medication. But her answer was to take full control of her health. She turned to nutrition and found out she was mal-nourished and that was the reason she couldn’t breastfeed. So she enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. The biggest take-away for Andrea is the concept of primary and secondary foods is that it is not just what you eat, but also your mindset plays an important role! That is how she nowadays manages to guide her clients on their journey.

    She uses Yoga Nidra to deal with her being a mompreneur: coping to be a mother and having her business. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation where you lie down on the mat or in bed. It is a Vedanta practice, yogic sleep. You relax your body and access your consciousness. She has created an online program mainly for mothers to surrender and decompress.

    In the interview, Andrea shares how important it is to create good habits. It is crucial to realize how strong habits are and how we can be more conscious about things and make them a habit.

    In the future Andrea wants to make sure to offer Yoga Nidra classes in Spanish for free for Venezuelans that are going through the humanitarian crisis. For that, Andrea still needs to prepare the promotion in Spanish so her course can get through to people in Venezuela. One idea would be to offer paid classes in Spanish for people who can afford it and thus build up the monetary fundament to set up the free classes program. Please contact Andrea if you would like to help! 🙂

    Finding purpose

    Andrea also shared some of her wisdom: In order to find the purpose for your business, meditation helps. With a clear mind and discipline you can listen in meditation. It is in you, you have it. You just need to make it happen.

    Continue educating yourself: Read the right books, find your mentor and learn from people who are where you want to go.

    Her mother’s mantra guides her all the time: “It is all in your mind. If you believe it, you can do it.”

    Andrea advises to think think about how you can use your knowledge today and make things happen? Keep on carving inside. The wisdom lies inside of us.

    It is on you!

    From every episode we gather a little task for you listeners. Join us in making the world a better place by impelementing one little change at a time.

    Your task

    Lie down and try out Yoga Nidra.

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