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Meditation in business

Interview with Dhyanse

    In this episode I am talking to Dhyanse about an integrated approach of mindfulness, how we can use meditation to see the world from a different perspective and how to practice a natural sense of giving.

    In 2019, I met Dhyanse in Basel in one of his free meditation classes. Apart from practicing meditation and mindfulness in groups, he also offers meditation practice with individuals and cooperates with companies by teaching the wisdom and practice of meditation to their employees. Thus far, he has founded his own meditation lifestle brand Dhyanse.Life and the Meditation Easy App. Furthermore, he launched a meditation cushion line. He has also written the book 10 Bulls of Meditation and regularly holds lectures in corporate and private meditation events.

    By using an integrated apporach of mindfulness in the company’s process and strategy, Dhyanse’s teachings do not remain a one time thing. I am especially grateful that Dhyanse shares his personal journey on why he found his purpose in meditation which indeed is very inspiring to listen to in the interview. When practising, we try to find ways how to use meditation as a tool to see the world from our own perspective.

    The giving mentality

    In business it has long become a common thing to give away knowledge and expertise for free. Dhyanse offers weekly free classes for the public to join. So, I wanted to understand how exactly this works for him as it entails a lot of work and dedication. In our conversation, Dhyanse told me that he draws a strict line between what he gives back to the community for free in a natural sense of giving and sharing and what he charges for on the other hand. It allows him to show the best of him.

    There is business: the service provider and there is the customer relation. And then, there is the side of things where we give without wanting to charge for it. Dhyanse wants to make sure to have the right attention in his eyes in whatever he does. It comes down to giving without expecting anything in return, but just radiating what we have inside of us. To be able to do this, we must make decisions aligned with our values and stay true to our commitment at all times.

    Staying true to your values

    Do you know exactly how to deal with conflicts arising in business? How do you make decisions on ethical, authentic and moral grounds? It helps to always remind yourself of your primary goal. Dhyanse tries to see the need in the community and then decides upon which next step to take in his business by staying true to his own values.

    It is on you!

    From every episode we gather a little task for you listeners. Join us in making the world a better place by impelementing one little change at a time.

    Your task

    Throughout the day, witness what is happening. Whilst you are cooking, driving, cleaning, just observe what is happening. Be present in the moment and be aware in the moment. Be aware that you are eating when you are eating. Be aware that you are watching a movie when you are watching a movie. Be aware of cleaning the windows when you cleaning the windows. You will learn to recognize your autopilot that we are all in. Just observe.

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