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Well-being at the workplace

Interview with Réka Deák

    In this episode I am talking to Réka Deák about sustainable change in companies. We explore how employees can work better when they dedicate time on their personal well-being and create healthy habits.

    Réka Deák is a certified coach who works with brain-based coaching methodology adding mindfulness and yoga as well as management consulting techniques to her trainings.

    She organizes programs and workshops for companies all the while focusing on a fusion of science and spirituality.

    Well-being at work

    Réka clearly puts out the question as to how companies work better by focusing on the employees’ well-being. So, she explores how to create sustainable change. Change is always difficult which we as humans need to accept. Réka takes a pragmatic approach. Her goal is to resonate with many people in order for it to work for many people.

    One of her regular practices in corporate teams is to give each participant a home assignment. In a 2-3 days workshop we can get inspired, but establishing a habit takes longer than that. The participants define their assignment they want to take on themselves. It can be something like focusing on sleeping 9 hours a night, for instance. They also observe how some hacks, but also new habits can change the emotional state of a person. Science says it takes 21 days to create a new habit, although these numbers can vary. Réka shares her experience on evolving her habit of meditating regularly which can also be an assignment for others to take on in their lives.

    Whenever suited Réka will implement Yoga to help her coachees. It is always about finding the best tool for the person at the stage of life they are in. In all things, consistency is key as well as maintaining the flexibility to try out new ways.

    Collaboration and value on investment

    For Réka it is important to collaborate as she believes it is the future of work. To find a common ground for collaboration helps to understand one’s own values and work ethics as well as techniques. She also supports collaborating with people from other fields of work to create new inspiration.

    We need to understand that well-being at the workplace is still not fully established and quite new to many companies and their employees. There is still a lot of good work to be done. On a good note, coaches are really needed.

    There is no such things as the “quick fix” when you want to lose weight. Also Réka’s coaching program is all about long-lasting sustainable change. Plus, talking about return on investment, we much rather could look at it as value on investment which we get pretty much right away. The money will follow eventually in the return on investment.

    It is on you!

    From every episode we gather a little task for you listeners. Join us in making the world a better place by impelementing one little change at a time.

    Your task

    In a conflict situation: Before you react to a person directly or through email, take 3 deep breaths, and then answer. Understand that the other person is also a human being and might make mistakes and isn’t perfect.

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