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Renting clothes

Interview with Pia-Maria Laux and Natalia Marassi

    In this episode I am talking to Pia and Natalia about fair fashion and how we can establish and support a sharing economy. They have created SHAREaLOOK where people can rent clothes and shop them locally.

    Renting clothes

    It struck me that Natalia gets her inspiration for fair fashion watching the news reporting back fatal work conditions in third world countries. Her business partner Pia learnt that the glamorous fashion world is not that glamorous after all when she was studying in India. Instead of letting their anger linger and sink in, they want to create a positive change.

    Fast fashion benefits and reduction of the environmental impact

    Pia and Natalia founded SHAREaLOOK offering consumers to shop clothes locally, hand in their clothes to rent, or sell them. This way they can reduce the need for new production of clothing, especially fast fashion which is motivated by the price. SHAREaLOOK cleans, repairs and delivers the clothes. Clients can use an insurance for damage.

    In a next step they want to build consumer profiles, so everybody can have their own rental or second hand shop online through SHAREaLOOK; no shipping around the world but staying local. They match local profiles to exchange clothing and offer their clients a marketplace. The aim is to offer the fast fashion benefits and reduce the environmental impact, all with good quality clothing that already exists.

    I had no idea just how many positive impacts renting clothes can have! A clothes rental platform offers a chance to make your own little business and to get an income from your wardrobe. There is an opportunity for real social connections with like-minded people and one can enjoy high quality clothing that one would normally not buy, e. g. a wedding dress that you only wear once. Plus, small influencers can use rental shops to continously equip themselves with new fashion pieces.

    Never doubt!

    Working a day job, handling family and friends all the while working on their passion project asks a lot of Pia and Natalia. So, they unite forces to never lack motivation, although they have crazy and tough days. No matter what: They never doubt their project. Motivating each other is as important as talking about challenges, making time to relax and if all else fails: a shared bottle of wine will do 😉

    In the long run, Pia and Natalia want to use their knowledge on fair fashion to educate companies to change. They also consider supporting social projects created by women and investing into a foundation.

    Share more! Don’t always go and buy, but see how you can share. You don’t need to buy new in order to feel good.

    It is on you!

    From every episode we gather a little task for you listeners. Join us in making the world a better place by impelementing one little change at a time.

    Your task

    Check the fashion label on a piece of clothing to see where it was made before you buy. Inform yourself about production companies and workers‘ rights. Support local clothes shops. Then decide whether you want to buy the piece of clothing. The next time you want to go out and buy a piece of clothing, find a way to share instead of buying new.
    Meet up with friends and get together for a clothes sharing party!

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